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Understanding the Importance of Tie Rods!

Being able to self-diagnose potential car issues is something all drivers should be able to do on some level. We see a lot of customers come into the shop regarding worn tie rods. We wanted to create a blog highlighting the importance of tie rods, how to tell if they need to be replaced and to encourage preventative maintenance.

What are Tie Rods?

Tie rods help your vehicle in terms of steering. Tie rods have two parts, an inner and outer end. The tie rod works with the Ball joint in converting force from the steering center link to the steering “knuckle.” Simply put, the tie rods help with steering smoothly and the front end alignment of your vehicle.

Signs That Your Tie Rods are Failing

There are a few tell-tale signs that a vehicle’s tie rods are worn or failing. Generally, the outer end becomes most worn down over the course of a vehicle’s life. You can drive on a worn tie rod, but it is recommended if you notice some of the following symptoms, bringing the vehicle to a professional. Common signs of worn tie rods are a squeaking noise when you either hit a bump or turn in general, the steering wheel feeling ‘loose’, or the steering wheel itself may shake at higher speeds. Again, if your vehicle is exhibiting some of these traits it may be a tie rod issue!

Why You Need to Replace Your Worn Tie Rods

Worn Tie rods can be driven on for a little bit, but it is not recommended. Since it is a critical part of the vehicle’s steering, if they were to outright fail, this could cause much more damage. Additional damage that worn tie-rods can be early onset tire wear due to unalignment, resulting in the need to replace your tires sooner. Additionally, if your tie rod breaks while driving, you will lose the ability to steer accurately and it could result in an accident! If a professional recommends replacing your tie rods, do it!

Hogan Tire is here to help!

If your vehicle is experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above, give Hogan Tire and Auto a call today. If it is a tie rod issue, we will be able to assess it as such and provide a solution whether it be re-alignment or replacement. When necessary, replacing tie rods will save you money and frustration in the long run! We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to be your first stop for everything tire and auto-repair related!

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