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Shocks & Struts in Westwood, MA

Shocks and Struts

When it comes to maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle, understanding the vital role that shocks and struts play in your vehicle’s suspension system is crucial. At Hogan Tire & Auto in Westwood, we’re here to provide you with expert insights and services for your shock absorbers, front struts, and coil spring needs.

Are There Differences Between Shocks and Struts, and How Do I Know Which One Needs Attention?

Shocks and struts are often confused, but they serve distinct functions within your vehicle’s suspension system.

Shock Absorbers: These components, as the name suggests, are designed to absorb shocks or impacts from the road. They work in tandem with your vehicle’s coil springs to provide a smoother and more controlled ride. Signs of shock absorber issues include excessive bouncing, nose-diving when braking, and a generally bumpy ride.

Front Struts: Front struts, on the other hand, are more complex components that combine a shock absorber and a structural coil spring into one unit. They support the weight of the vehicle and help maintain proper wheel alignment. Signs of front strut issues include uneven tire wear, difficulty steering, and a pronounced knocking noise when driving over bumps.

What Are the Signs that Indicate My Car’s Shocks or Struts Need Replacement?

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Here are some common signs that it might be time for a shock absorber or strut replacement:

Excessive Bouncing: If your vehicle bounces excessively after hitting a bump or pothole, your shocks or struts may be worn out.

Uneven Tire Wear: Shocks and struts help maintain proper tire contact with the road. If you notice uneven tire wear, it could be a sign of suspension issues.

Difficulty Steering: Difficulty in steering or a feeling of instability while turning may indicate front strut problems.

Knocking Noises: A pronounced knocking or clunking noise when driving over rough surfaces can be a sign of worn-out struts.

Braking Issues: Nose-diving when braking or longer braking distances can also be linked to faulty shocks or struts.

Can Issues with Shocks or Struts Affect Other Parts of My Vehicle?

Neglecting the health of your shocks and struts can have a ripple effect on other vehicle components. Here’s how:

Tire Wear: Worn-out shocks and struts can lead to uneven tire wear, reducing the lifespan of your tires and affecting their performance.

Brake Wear: If your front struts are compromised, it can impact your vehicle’s braking system, leading to reduced stopping power and potential safety hazards.

Suspension Alignment: Shocks and struts play a crucial role in maintaining proper suspension alignment. When they’re faulty, it can lead to alignment issues, causing your vehicle to pull to one side.

Comfort and Control: A deteriorating suspension system can make your ride uncomfortable and compromise your ability to control the vehicle effectively.

What Does a Typical Shocks and Struts Replacement Service Entail?

When you bring your vehicle to Hogan Tire & Auto for shocks and struts replacement in Westwood, MA, you can expect a comprehensive service designed to restore your vehicle’s suspension system to optimal performance. Here’s what the process generally involves:

Inspection: Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your shocks, struts, and suspension components to identify any issues.

Component Replacement: If your shocks or struts are found to be worn or damaged, we’ll replace them with high-quality, manufacturer-approved parts.

Alignment Check: We’ll ensure that your vehicle’s suspension alignment is within the manufacturer’s specifications, making necessary adjustments if needed.

Test Drive: A test drive will be conducted to verify the effectiveness of the replacement and alignment adjustments.

Quality Assurance: Before returning your vehicle to you, we conduct a final quality check to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system is essential for a safe and comfortable ride. If you’ve noticed any signs of shock or strut issues or simply want a professional evaluation, contact your local Hogan Tire & Auto in Westwood, MA. Our expert technicians are here to keep your vehicle performing at its best, ensuring a smooth and safe journey on the road.

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