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Potential Damage after Hitting a curb

Many drivers have had the unfortunate experience of rolling up on a curb. Just reading the last sentence can invoke images of the face a driver makes when hearing rim touch a curb when parking. At times, this can be a purely cosmetic issue but at times it can be the source of other issues with your car or truck. Here at Hogan Tire and Auto, we wanted to write a blog on the damage that can occur after hitting a curb and steps you should take after hitting a curb.

Potential Damage

Again, if the contact was light, the damage done to the rim of your vehicle can be only cosmetic. Damage doesn’t directly correlate with the speed in which you hit the curb. When attempting to parallel park or just pull into a spot, the angle in which you roll up on the curb can have a far greater impact on the damage. Let’s see some of the potential damage your vehicle may experience if you hit a curb.

Misalignment of Wheels- Hitting a curb at slightly higher speeds at any angle could potentially cause your wheels to misalign. Wheels that are misaligned cause strain on the steering and suspension of your vehicle which will result in further damage throughout your vehicle.

Damage to Tie Rods- Tie Rods are directly correlated to the vehicle’s steering. If one of your vehicles tie rods are damaged, it may require immediate repair as damaged rods can result in unsafe driving.

Control Arm Damage- Vehicles have both upper and lower control arms. These aid in the vehicle suspension which is why rolling up a curb can damage it. If after hitting a curb your vehicle’s steering wheel shakes while driving, especially at high speeds, your control arms may be damaged.

Tire Losing Air- Lastly, if the impact was great enough, it may result in the loss of air from within your tire. If this is the case, you will most likely need a new rim and tire altogether. When we see an impact like this, we check to see if the tie rods or control arms were also damaged.

Hogan Tire and Auto: Here for you after hitting a curb

If you have experienced hitting a curb recently and want to learn more about its potential damage to other aspects of your vehicle, give us at Hogan Tire and Auto a call today! We are happy to run an analysis of your vehicle to ensure it is running safely and properly.

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