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Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

Leaves are turning and some have even begun to fall. As October ends and November begins it means one thing in Massachusetts. Another winter is getting ready to greet us, weather we are ready for it or not. The one thing you can control is making sure your vehicle is ready for the winter. At Hogan T...

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Written on Thursday, October 19, 2017 by
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Determining the Right Tread Design for Your Vehicle

Not sure what tire treads you should get, or even what the different tread types are? Each tread type has its own specific functionality for conditions and driving styles, so it is important to understand what type of tire you are looking for because it can affect the performance of your vehicle. There are four main types of tire treads, Symmetric, Asymmetric, Directional, and Directional and Asymmetric.

Common Types of Tire Treads

Symmetric are the most common types of tire tread, this tread can be found on most standard vehicles. Like its name, the treads are symmetrical, or the same throughout the whole tire. The patterns of ribs and grooves on the tire are uniform. This allows similar wear on each tire because the treads themselves are the same. The reason this tire is the most common is that of its practical functionality. Since the tire patterns are the same, this allows for any sort of rotation pattern which prolongs the life of the tire.

Asymmetric Treads combine a very different look than the symmetrical tires, again the name gives us guidance as to what the tire includes. Asymmetrical tires are actually almost split in the middle and are marked for outside only and inside only mounting. This is because the outside and inside treads of the tire are different and serve different functions. These treads can be found on higher-end sports cars or high-performance vehicles. The different patterns on each side of the tire allow them to combine dry and wet condition grips. There are a number of different rotation procedures for these.

Directional Treads are designed to only go in one direction. Similar to the outside and inside only labels on asymmetrical tires, directional tires have an arrow pointing which way the tire should be turning. These tires have V-shaped grooves in them, which also should be pointing the way they are rolling. These grooves push water and slush through the tread. If mounted wrongly the tires may not perform as intended. These tires can only be rotated from front to rear, limiting rotation options.

Asymmetric and Directional Treads obviously include both types of treads in their design. This gives them the function of both of these types of treads. They have the similar V shape groove from the directional tires for pushing water out and dry traction from the asymmetrical treads. These tires are least common, typically found high-performance exotic sports vehicles. The same rotational rules of directional treads apply with these as well.

Based on what type of car you are driving, as well as how you are driving it, you will need to know which tread is best for you. Feel free to contact the Hogan Tire & Auto nearest you with any questions or help in choosing the best tire for you and your vehicle!

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Written on Thursday, October 5, 2017 by
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What is road force balance and why is it a better solution?

Have you ever been driving along the highway or speeding down a country backroad and notice a vibration in your steering wheel? This is a sign to get your car in a tire and auto repair shop because you may have a wheel imbalance or a road force variation causing the vibration.

What causes wheel vibration?

There are multiple issues that can cause excessive wheel vibration.  The first is wheel balance. Many people are familiar with wheel balance.  A wheel balance measures the left to right and top to bottom imbalance of the tire and is offset with weights added to the wheel.  This is how almost all tire stores balance tires.

A second cause of vibration is road force variation.  It is most frequently due to a wheel not being perfectly round (runout), uneven tread or uneven sidewall stiffness in the tire. Only a road force machine can measure and often correct these issues.  Hogan’s Hunter Engineering GSP9700 Road Force machine allows us to measure and move the tire on the wheel to match the high point or stiff spot in the tire with the lowest spot in the rim. The adjustment makes the tire/wheel combination "round when rolling." A road force machine can predict the result of the match mounting process and tell us whether you will feel a vibration before the car leaves the shop.

Opting for the GSP9700 Road Force Balancer

At our tire and auto service centers, Hogan Tire & Auto uses Hunter’s GSP9700 Road Force Balancer to determine the radial and lateral tire forces on your tires. For customers who are still experiencing issues with vibration and handling at high speeds (even after an alignment and balancer can’t fix), this technology will solve any lingering ride and handling issues.

Benefits of the Road Force Balancer include:

  • Solving wheel vibration due to tire and rim runout and wheel-mounting error
  • Quick troubleshooting and solutions so you don’t have to wait in the shop for long periods of time
  • Identifying vehicle pull or drift problems (you may notice your vehicle veering if you momentarily take your hands of the wheel while driving in a straight line)
  • Noticeable improvement in driving quality and handling

Are you noticing any handling issues with your car? Stop in one of Hogan Tire & Auto’s seven locations throughout the greater Boston area, or schedule an appointment online today.

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Written on Thursday, September 21, 2017 by
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Giving The Old Car To Your Teen? Here’s What You Need To Know

The time has finally come. Your precious child has earned their driver’s license and they are itching to hit the road. You take advantage of the situation and decide it’s time for a vehicle upgrade for yourself. It’s a win-win situation. But before you toss the keys to your son or daughter make sure you follow the car safety check list!

Car Safety Check List

Check your tires! All tires are made to a different grade. Some need to be replaced after 30,000 miles, some after 50,000 miles. Getting a tire rotation can help prolong the life of your tires. If your treads are too low, it’s probably time to replace your tires.

A critical but often overlooked part of your vehicle are the brakes! Just like tires, brakes have different mile markers when they need to be replaced! If it’s been over year since your brakes have been checked it’s time to have your brake pads, rotors and other components inspected. Our expert technicians will let you know exactly what state your brakes are in.

At the very least before handing your car to your teen you should bring it in for preventative maintenance.  At Hogan Tire & Auto we cover it all. From Oil and Filter Change to maintenance for vehicles that have reached 105,000 miles.

Why Hogan Tire for Vehicle Maintenance

Since 1915 Hogan Tire & Auto has been a stable in the Woburn community for auto service and maintenance.  All of our technicians are certified with the most recent industry standards. We have the lowest prices and stand by our work. But don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying.

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Written on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 by
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The Importance of Installing a Pair of Tires on the Rear Axle

It’s generally understood that the front set of tires on a vehicle with four identical tires will wear out first. This is due to the fact that the front pair takes the brunt of the acceleration, steering and braking forces, leaving the rear tires relatively unscathed. Our tire and auto service center recommends that drivers get their tires rotated on an annual basis in order to avoid wear and tear on one specific pair of tires.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to get the tires rotated on a regular basis, which then leads to the front pair wearing out before the rear pair. When this is the case, our professionals will recommend purchasing a new pair of the same tires which are then placed on the rear axle.

Why Place New Tires on the Rear Axle

Ideally tires should be replaced in complete sets and rotated throughout their life to equalize front-to-rear and side-to-side wear quantity while enhancing each tire’s wear quality. However, when tires are replaced in pairs it is recommended that the new pair of tires be installed on the rear axle and the existing worn tires moved to the front. The reason is because new tires on the rear axle help the driver more easily maintain control on wet roads since deeper treaded tires are better at resisting hydroplaning.

Our tire shop and auto service centers all recommend that drivers get all of their tires replaced at the same time. Tire wear depends on the following: the weight of the vehicle, the road conditions throughout the year, the tire brand, the tread pattern and the air pressure. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to either get your tires rotated or replace them altogether, contact our tire shop and auto repair center today to schedule an appointment!

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Written on Thursday, August 10, 2017 by
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Waltham Store Updated

We've updated our Waltham showroom with a whole new look and a bit more space. We've also installed the latest Wheel Alignment system by Hunter Engineering.  The industry leader in wheel alignment technology.  Stop in anytime.  We're here to help.

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Written on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 by
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No Interest Financing If Paid In Full Within 6 Months.*


No Interest Financing If Paid In Full Withing 6 Months.  Apply Now.

Plus, save an EXTRA 10% when you open and use your Hogan/cfna credit card. 

Offer details.

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Written on Monday, December 7, 2015 by
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Woburn Store Gets a New Showroom

The Woburn showroom has been updated with our new look.  It features over 50 tire models on display and two distinct customer areas.  The lounge has a kid’s play area, cable TV and gourmet coffee. The new business center offers a quieter space with a computer and wifi bar to catch up on some work or relax with a good book.  Stop by anytime.  We’re here to help.


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Written on Friday, June 20, 2014 by
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Beverly Store Gets a New Showroom

We've updated our Beverly store with a completely new showroom to serve our customers better. The new look includes a WiFi bar in the new customer waiting area, new restrooms, and a larger customer service area.  Stop in to say hi and take a look.

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Written on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 by
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FREE 21 Point Vehicle Condition Report


Get a FREE 21 point complete vehicle condition report with any service or tire purchase.  We'll check your brakes, tires, fluids, battery, belts, bulbs, steering, suspension, belts & hoses and more.  There is no cost or obligation.  It's how Hogan Keeps You Rolling...

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Written on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 by Net
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